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Image from article "Arab Spring - Content & Context"

Click to download “Arab Spring – Content & Context“, which appeared in Issue 2, 2011 of The Channel, the magazine of the Association for International Broadcasting.

This page provides some background information and resources for the article.


Click here for a discussion on why rulers do not block the internet when there are uprisings in their countries

Resources quoted in the article Libya’s first free, independent & urban English radio station The Internet Intelligence Authority for details of internet traffic, particularly for signs of traffic being blocked in different countries  Google Transparency Report is the company’s record of the accessibility of their services worldwide and of government requests for information about users or to remove information from their platform   Shows Twitter activity by keyword including trends for the last week  A reverse image search engine which checks where images have been used on the internet and what versions are available Statistics on internet usage by country and by region  Interview with Andy Carvin of NPR  Example page from France24 Les Observateurs reporting on Syrian uprisings in Hama   Al Jazeera training of citizen reporters