Best Specialist Programme or Series TV

International and domestic broadcasting today includes more niche channels and programming than ever – and this is good news for viewers and for story-tellers in broadcasters and independent production companies.

This award provides the opportunity for companies to demonstrate their specialist programme-making skills. From travel to finance, technology to health, food to fashion, great stories are being told to audiences around the world. Now is the time to have your work recognised internationally.

Whatever the subject, whatever the niche, we expect to see extremely high production values, clear presentation, great story-telling. If graphics are involved, they will be clear, simple and beautiful to look at. Presenters or narrators will engage with their audience and communicate effectively.

See the checklist on this website for full information on what you need to submit for this specialist category.

Remember that broadcasts must have been transmitted or distributed online between 1 June 2011 and 30 June 2012.