Xenia Fedorova

Managing Director, Ruptly GmbH

Xenia Fedorova has more than 15 years of experience in international journalism. Starting her career as a freelancer at the age of 18, she worked her way to executive position at RT – a global multilingual television news network broadcasting from studios in Moscow and Washington. Over 7 years of her professional path within RT Xenia was an executive producer for news and headed RT media projects.  She launched and managed several ambitious projects including an online video news agency RT Freevideo.

Xenia is currently the CEO of Ruptly, a full-service video news agency based in Berlin. Ruptly provides HD news footage on-demand along with real-time LIVE-streaming of news events.

In 2016, Ruptly surpassed AFP and Reuters with over 200mn hits on YouTube. This year the video agency launched an innovative UGC app, Ruptly Stringer, breaking the barrier between citizen journalism and traditional newsgathering. Xenia has completed an MBA program at Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA.