Best Coverage of London 2012

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The XXX Olympiad takes place in London in the summer of 2012 and will be the most-watched sporting event in the world this year. This will be the first Olympic Games that is comprehensively HD and London is also the first “social network” Games. That is at least according to the official Olympics site.

While the number of rights-holders is limited, this one-time AIB award is not necessarily restricted to those broadcasters operating from within the Olympic stadia. The focus of the world will be on London. In addition to the Games, there’s lots more going on in the city that broadcasters will be covering as the summer unfolds.

We’re looking for exceptional coverage that reflects the city, its residents, its visitors, its culture and more. We’re looking for the way stories have been told around the Olympics, making best use of iconic sights as well as the hidden gems of the city of London.

If you’re covering the Games either as a rights or non-rights holder, you should enter this special London 2012 award and showcase your work.

For this special award, there is a different closing date for entries.

All submissions must be received by at AIB Awards Headquarters by 16 hrs GMT on  20 September 2012. That is 11 days after the close of the Paralympics.

See the checklist on this website for full information on what you need to submit for this category.