Robert Moore – ITN

I thought I’d write to say how strong I thought the AIB show was.

I was also really impressed with how it all came together.  And of course the quality of entries was fabulous.

So from all of us at ITV News – thanks.

Katie Lander – Finestripe Productions 

We are delighted to have won and such lovely comments from the judges.

Arja Haikonen – BBC

It was amazing…we won again.

We got the news 1605 just a minute before Nuala started a live broadcast from Glasgow.

That was exciting, I think her guests thought she was a bit nuts!


Lucy Proctor – BBC

… many interesting things to listen to/watch that I would never have heard about otherwise.

Gabinete de Presidencia – Agencia EFE

Many thanks to all of you on behalf of our president Gabriela. We really enjoyed the programs. It has been a true honor to participate in these awards and we have always felt very welcome.

Judges comments

Partygate coverage – ITN – ITV News

Their dogged tenacity and depth of coverage has changed the course of British politics and reaffirmed the public’s belief that the media can hold power to account. 

The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon – Zandland Films for Channel 4

Absolutely fascinating journey into the dark world of conspiracies in which fragile people are exploited.

Documentary on One: Felix-Life and Limb – RTÉ

This feature is all about how a good radio programme should be. Engaging, Informative and bold. It had all the qualities of everything mysterious and compelling about radio.