The AIBs 2021

With International travel likely to remain scaled back for many months, we will be celebrating the winners and finalists of the AIBs 2021 on screen rather than in person.

In 2020, we successfully showcased the work of our entrants in a high-quality TV production. As our entrants come from all over the world, spread across time zones from the west coast of the USA to New Zealand, it was impossible to undertake live linkups with the winners. Instead, we asked every single shortlisted entrant questions about their production and included these responses in the awards programme – successfully maintaining the traditional secrecy of who had won until the broadcast went live.

In 2021, we will again produce a two-part awards programme that strives to do justice to the work that has been entered in this international competition. The first part will be released on Friday 12 November and the second part on Monday 15 November. All results will be kept secret until the broadcasts go to air!

Looking ahead to 2022, our hope is that travel will be possible again for most people and that we will be able to meet in person at Church House Westminster in central London for our celebration of success in global journalism and factual productions.

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