1000   Registration and coffee in the Council Chamber, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA

1030   Storytelling without boundaries – the challenges and opportunities in 21st century media

In conversation with Ben Taylor, Director, Snappin’ Turtle Productions  and Zehra Yilmaz, TRT

Moderated by Greg Moyer, CEO, Blue Chalk Media

1120    Getting to the heart of the matter – the making of engaging documentaries

Peter Hammer

In conversation with Peter Hammer, Director and Filmmaker, Danmarks Radio (left), Sian Kevill, Make Productions and Chris Thornton and Mandy McAuley, BBC Northern Ireland 

Moderated by John Maguire, Director of International Relations, France Médias Monde

1210    Coffee and networking

1230   Preserving stories – the Qatar national digital archive project

Although it’s a relatively young country, Qatar has an extensive analogue library of TV programming and film. In its original format, the content is inaccessible. That’s why the Qatari government has implemented what may be the world’s most concentrated and comprehensive digitisation project. It aims not only to preserve the content but also to analyse the material, employing historians to tag the programming and then to make it easily accessible for citizens and scholars, now and in the future.

In this session, we’ll learn about the project and how it has been implemented. We’ll find out whether the systems developed in Qatar can be replicated elsewhere as the world’s audio-visual history cries out for preservation.

Taking part will be Abdulla Mohamed Alyafei, Old Films Archive Project Manager in Qatar’s Private Engineering Office and Sanjay Salil, CEO, MediaGuru

1300 The Sound Man – screening and interview

The opportunity to meet sound man Abdul Ramadhan. While working with acclaimed photojournalist Mohamed Amin and others, Abdul recorded the sounds of revolution, civil war, genocide and famine throughout East Africa. In the film, Abdul speaks candidly about the tragedies he’s witnessed and provides gripping detail about the civil war in Sudan, the genocide in Rwanda revolution in Somalia and Ethiopia and the current tribal conflicts in Kenya. Abdul has traveled the continent for his work, yet he continues to reside in his boyhood home in Africa’s largest slum…Kibera.

Abdul will be in conversation alongside film maker Chip Duncan (pictured above with Abdul Ramadhan) and A24 Media and Camerapix CEO Salim Amin (right) and to explore the significance of sound in storytelling among many other topics.

1400 Lunch and networking

1445 Close

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Zehra Yilmaz

Zehra Yilmaz

Sanjay SalilSanjay Salil


Abdul Rahman Ramadhan


Chip Duncan