Eduardo François – 2012 AIBs Judge

Photo of Eduardo François


Eduardo François

Executive Director

Illuminati Filmes


EDUARDO FRANÇOIS, born inBrasilia, graduated with a bachelor degree in Social Communication. Scriptwriter and documentaries director since 2002. Co-directed the documentary “Refugees” for UNHCR – The United Nations Refugees Agency – and “TV Justiça”, and “Retratos de uma Lei”, a documentary that has its focus Maria da Penha’s history, a real character whose name was given to the law against domestic violence inBrazil. In 2007 , his documentary “Anjos da Justiça”, a documentary about the effort of women from poor communities that unite themselves to have access to the law and  don’t let themselves be abused by their husbands, won the Vladimir Herzog Human Rights Award.  Eduardo worked in cooperation with many United Nations agencies  (UNHCR, UNDP, UNAIDS, UNIFEM, UNODC, UNESCO, UNAIDS, FAO, WFP),  World Bank, ACTO (The Amazon Cooperations Treaty Organization), Greenpeace, Act!onAid, brazilian government agencies such as Justice Ministry, Culture Ministry, Environmental Ministry, Agrarian Development Ministry, Federal Supreme Court, Justice Nacional County and others.

Nowadays is executive director of Illuminati Filmes, a company that works with social documentaries, with NGO’s and governments and international news with international agencies inBrazil, like AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, Reuters, ZDF, CCTV, RTV and others.