Flora Gregory – 2012 AIBs Judge

Photo of Fiona Gregory


Flora Gregory

Editor, Witness

Al Jazeera English


Flora has worked for over 25 years in broadcast television, much of this
time working with independent television companies.

About Witness
With content gathered from independent film-makers Witness is Al Jazeera
English’s flagship documentary strand. Films are commissioned and acquired
for its weekly 25 minute slot and acquired and co-produced for its weekly 48
minute slot. Witness films provide an insight into the world’s key events as
they impact the daily lives of ordinary people.

About Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English, AJE, is a global news and current affairs, a part of the
Al Jazeera Network, broadcasting from Doha to over 250 million homes.
It aims to give a worldwide perspective, encouraging new voices not
previously heard.