John Ogden – 2012 AIBs Judge

Photo of John Ogden


John Ogden

Network Director

The Spectrum Radio Network


John Ogden is NETWORK DIRECTOR of THE SPECTRUM RADIO NETWORK group of stations in London.

The SPECTRUM RADIO NETWORK sells airtime to international broadcasters and has 5 channels :

SPECTRUM 558AM London has Arabic, Sikh, Jewish, South American, Ethiopian, Tamil, Irish, Persian, Mauritian and is home to China Radio International

SPECTRUM DAB ONE London has Cantonese, Mandarin, Sikh and Polish programming

SPECTRUM DAB TWO London is home to Sout Al Khaleej from Qatar

SPECTRUM SKY 0185 National has Ghanaian and Sikh programmes

SPECTRUM WORLD at is our internet station

International broadcasters use the Spectrum radio Network to broadcast their UK output in London via satellite relays. Clients include national broadcasters from around the world, such as China Radio International, Sout al Khaleej from the Middle East and Polish Radio, as well as ethnic groups in the UK. We also have faith groups buying airtime such as the Sikh, Jewish and Muslim communities

Spectrum Radio also operates a bank of broadcast standard studios for hire

It is the biggest radio broadcaster in Western Europe specialising in this area .