Fernando Calviño – judge of the AIBs 2014

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Fernando Calviño


Señal Internacional



Fernando Calviño is founder and director of Señal Internacional (International Signal), a trade magazine on TV Business in Latin American, US/Hispanic and International markets, established in 2000.

Fernando was born on October the 4th, 1969, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He holds a Graphic Designer degree from the University of Buenos Aires. With over 20 years of experience in the TV as a journalist and graphic designer, Fernando joined the industry of Pay TV in Argentina in 1992, when he started producing the ATVC magazine. Since then, he has worked in different magazines and websites on the subjects of telecommunications, technology, new media and entertainment, which is the reason why he  travels around the world visiting expos in the biggest TV markets.

Fernando speaks Spanish, English and French.  He lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and daughter.

The magazine Señal Internacional and the website revistasenal.com is read in Spanish by the most important executives of the TV industry.