Lee Gal – Judge of the AIBs 2014

    Photo of Lee GalLee Gal

    Head of Production





i24 News is an international; television news channel which was founded just over one year ago, and broadcasts 24/7 in three languages – English, French and Arabic.

The channel employes more than 250 journalists, editors, anchors, producers, technicians, and support staff, and also has an internet site and cellular applications which provide the channel’s programmes in live streaming. i24news is available in over 800 million homes world-wide.

Before helping set up i24news, LEE GAL was the chief news producer at Koda Communications, producing six local news bulletins broadcast daily throughout Israel. She also worked at Kastina Commuications, where she produced studio news shows for the Hot and Keshet television companies.

LEE GAL is a B.A. graduate of Tel Aviv University, where she majored in Film and Television Studies and Art History in the university’s multi-disciplinary programme.

Aged 33, LEE GAL is married and lives in Greater Tel Aviv.