Nenad Pejic – judge of the AIBs 2014

Photo of Nenad PejicNenad Pejic

Editor-in-Chief, co CEO





Since May 2013         Principal Director at RFERL, responsible for content and operational issues of RFERL Language Services

2002 – 2013                 Associate Director of European Desk, responsible for 10 RFERL Language service. In 2006, in addition to his regular duties led the project of Converged Newsroom at RFERL

1993 – 2002                 Director of Balkan Languages service. Established Service. The basic idea was to go opposite to the decision of all other international broadcasters – having regional not national focus, mixing languages and culture not separating them. This approach proved to be very successful. RFERL dominates at the Balkans since the service was established. The weekly listenership rates went up dramatically reaching its peak at 35% in the time of war and Milosevic overthrow.

1992 -1993                 Research fellow at the European Institute for the Media based in Manchester and later in Dusseldorf

1989 -1992                  Program Director of Sarajevo TV, the first and last ever elected by the employees among three candidates, in charge of three TV channels

1988 -1989                Correspondent from Belgrade (Serbia)
1980 -1988                Correspondent from Banjaluka (Bosnia)
1978 -1980                Head of the News Department at Sarajevo TV

1972 – 1978                Reporter, anchor, news writer        at Sarajevo TV

Author of few screen plays one of which was internationally and domestically awarded.

Lecturing at the various Universities and participating at various round tables – mostly related to rules of reporting in conflict times. Recently published book “Switch off TV and open your eyes”.

Graduated at the Faculty of Political Science/Journalism department at Belgrade University, Serbia.