Verona Duwarkah – judge of the AIBs 2014

Photo of Verona DuwarkahVerona Duwarkah

GE: Television





Ms Duwarkah began her career in broadcasting in 1992. Since then, she has gained experience in the diverse aspects of the broadcast world and was appointed as the Group Executive of SABC Television in 2012.

Her extensive range of experience in the broadcast environment includes content, channel, project, systems and financial management. She holds an Honours Degree in Business Management as well as a Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting. In addition, she has attended various other spiritual, academic and mentorship courses in order to ensure that she is kept abreast of business trends and the enhancement of the human spirit.

She has played an integral role in major projects within the SABC. This includes project managing of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010, overseeing of the broadcast activities for the Nelson Mandela funeral, multiple system implementations as well as business re-engineering and re-modelling.

The ever-changing and dynamic sphere of the magical world of broadcasting keeps her inspired.