Asumpta Lattus

Asumpta Lattus leads a diverse and talented team of journalists in Deutsche Welle’s English for Africa department. The Tanzanian-born multimedia journalist and AI enthusiast has lived in Germany for over ten years, working as a radio host, video producer, social media manager and New Work project Manager. As a country manager at the DW Akademie, she has managed various media development projects in East Africa. Asumpta is hugely passionate about making content relevant to African audiences, from innovating new podcasts to flexible live streams, which keep her staff, and viewers, on their toes!

 She’s also a big believer in working with local media partners to produce exciting content that speaks to local audiences, like overseeing the award-winning South African podcast, Don’t Hold Back. While in Tanzania she founded and oversaw the creation of a countrywide Catholic radio network -Radio Maria Tanzania, which is still running today. Asumpta is a massive football fan and keen to get everyone supporting female football.