Ebenezar Wikina

Ebenezar Wikina has over 12 years of experience working in media, policy analysis, civic tech, and community organizing. Ebenezar is the founder of Policy Shapers, an open source platform for policy ideas led by young people. He is also well known for ‘The Stroll’, an interview series he founded in 2013 with a Nokia feature phone and engaged over 100 world leaders and experts.

As Editor of NDLink,  he oversees the platform’s reportage of development activities in Nigeria’s South by tracking funds spent on development projects, giving visibility to local Civil Society Organizations, and providing a platform for development discourse reaching over 16 million people. His stories have featured on Huff Post, the United Nations blog, Ventures Africa, BBC World Service, World Economic Forum Agenda, All Africa, to mention a few. Wikina is a World Economic Forum expert, Senior Category judge of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, pioneer member of the Open Government Youth Collective, and former member of the British Council’s UK-Africa Youth Advisory Board.

His work has been recognized by the US Government through the Mandela Washington Fellowship endorsed by President Biden and Secretary Blinken. He has also received the Global Investigative Journalism Conference fellowship, Civic Hive Fellowship, NESG Bridge Fellowship, Future News Worldwide, to mention a few. He’s an alumnus of the London School of Journalism, International Institute of Journalism Abuja, Harvard Kennedy School, and Stanford Center for Professional Development.