Havoc Franklin – Director, Content Development and Production, Programming 

Regional – Office of Gen Mgr, English Services – CBC Canada

My key work for the past 15 years has been developing new and existing programs and units on all platforms (radio, digital and television) Responsibilities included regional independent TV production series, creation of new short run radio programs, and leading a small team of program developers.  During this time period I helped develop Wisconsin Public Radio’s new afternoon show in the US.

Prior to that I managed and radio training .Created and delivered training in journalism (documentary, news, interviewing, performance, vetting etc.)

My production background was mostly as a producer or executive producer in radio

1991 Executive producer of local Current Affairs Radio Winnipeg Manitoba

1987 Executive producer of network variety program The Radio Show.

1981 Network producer contributing to network programs like As It Happens, Ideas, Quirks and Quarks (based in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

My international work has included journalism training in Cambodia and Thailand. Election training for Ethiopia.  And I also did some HIV and radio story telling work in Malawi, East Africa.


Awards include CAJ Journalism Award, Investigative Journalism Oscar in Agriculture Team Entry.