Hla YHla-Yin-Ayein Aye is the general manager of Mandalay FM , which launched the very first live radio show in Myanmar and as well she is manager of Pyinsawadi FM Radio Station.

After graduation from University of Computer Studies, began her first career at Forever Group in 2007 as a TV presenter. Being appointed as a radio programmer as well as a radio host in 2008, when Forever Group established Mandaly FM radio station.  Between 2010 and 2012, while working at Mandalay FM, she accepted an additional assignment in Media Kabar Creative Services as a project manager of TV program and drama series production and produced the very first Myanmar TV Drama Series successfully.

In 2012, became the Chief of Mandalay FM & Pyinsawadi FM radio stations. In 2013,  Hla Yin played an important role in the reforming process of Mandalay FM Radio. Mandalay FM launched the very first live broadcasting radio shows successfully in Myanmar in May 2013 and it’s also made the history of the very first radio traffic report service in Myanmar