Jamie Doran

Jamie Doran has won more than 30 major international awards, including a clutch of Emmys, three DuPont-Columbia awards (the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize), and The Peabody. He has also been recognized by the United Nations Association on two occasions for his work on behalf of vulnerable children in conflict zones. Normally to be found dodging bullets in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Ukraine and further afield, he’s been ambushed by the Taliban, embroiled in firefights with ISIS, played cat-and-mouse with Al Qaeda and been under bombing more times than he cares to remember.

Significant films include ‘The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan’, ‘Opium Brides’, ‘The Boy Who Started The Syrian War’ and ‘Pakistan’s Hidden Shame’, while his recent 3-part history of the KGB/FSB (‘The Sword and the Shield’) was acclaimed in almost every country, except Russia. With a touch of irony, he has just sold the movie rights for his co-written biography of Russia’s greatest hero, Yuri Gagarin. The book is now in eleven languages.