Mekki Abdulla is the President & CEO of UAE-based Fujairah Media Group.

Mekki, who is Anglo-Sudanese, is a significant figure in the development of commercial radio and television in the UAE, Egypt, The Magreb and The Sudan.

He began his broadcasting career as Sales Director of TheBay 96.9 FM in Lancaster, taking it to a million pounds in ad revenue in only its second year.

Fujairah Media Group operates radio stations in the UAE as well as a bouquet of international radio and television satellite services.

Mekki was the co-founder of Channel 4 Radio network Ajman, the UAE’s first privately-owned Radio & TV network, later launching the UAE’s Radios 1 & 2, based in Abu Dhabi.

He established Cairo’s first commercial radio station and has also set up a radio station in The Sudan.

This year, Mekki has launched BZAF Entertainment Network, a youth-oriented light entertainment satellite TV network for the countries of the Magreb region of North Africa.