Alistair Soyode

Mentoring Commandant Ambassador Alistair is a distinguished media, PR, and broadcasting entrepreneur with an exemplary track record of creating, innovating, and launching media and techno-communications companies.

 As the founder of Europe’s first black-owned media and satellite television network, BEN Television, he has significantly contributed to the global media landscape, providing valuable opportunities, possibilities, and insights, particularly within African-Caribbean communities’ communications platforms across television, radio, newspapers and new media.

 Ambassador Alistair’s entrepreneurial journey has garnered widespread recognition across various platforms. His extensive experience spans diverse markets, genres, media platforms, and content developments, emphasizing ethnic perspectives.

 His portfolio boasts robust project management skills, a profound understanding of diaspora business investment, and deep insights into multicultural leadership and management diversity.

 Drawing from his vast experience, Ambassador Alistair envisions and leads the strategic expansion and growth of media initiatives into Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. His adeptness in media strategy and management is instrumental in this process.

 Additionally, his expertise in technology solutions and data-driven project implementations underscores his capability to navigate and contribute to today’s cutting-edge media environment.