Mohammad El-Huseini

Mohammad El-Huseini is the business news editor at Al Arabiya network and a seasoned professional in business and financial journalism in the Middle East.

Having started his career as a production assistant in CNBC Arabiya in 2003, Mohammad has seen his career accelerate exponentially, where he has been promoted to senior producer within two years, before joining Al Arabiya in 2005 where he has been appointed as editor to the newly launched business offering, making him the youngest editor in the region at the age of 25. Throughout his career, Mohammad has attended numerous top tier global events and interviewed international business leaders and officials.

In addition to financial journalism, Mohammad has worked extensively in the fields of media training, documentary production, and has lately launched Podcastinator Over Dinner, an Arabic podcast dedicated to helping people better understand some of the complex business ideas by interviewing selective domain experts. Mohammad has also written for numerous specialized media outlets in both Arabic and English.

Apart from journalism, Mohammad has a passion for literature, and is currently working on his first English novel about the wind of change shaping the lives of youth in the Middle East.