Nicky Ness – Director Forces Broadcasting & Entertainment – British Forces Broadcasting Service

Nicky Ness started her broadcasting career as a radio reporter and then producer, daily Breakfast/Morning Show presenter, programme director and radio station manager and was a well-known voice on the radio in a diverse range of locations including Germany, Gibraltar, Belize and Cyprus.  Now with nearly 30 years’ experience and based firmly back in the UK with the British Forces Broadcasting Service, she has a wide ranging brief covering radio & audio, television, live events and cinema portfolios, delivering content focussed services to the UK’s Armed Forces on a variety of platforms in the UK and overseas.  Developing a deep understanding of the needs of niche audiences and the content that excites them, Nicky has also driven commissioning approaches to deliver new and innovative content within both broadcast and entertainment landscapes.

As a long standing member of the senior management team of parent organisation the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) she has also led digital transformation within her departments, evolving the strategy, skills and approaches of content creators to meet the ever evolving landscape.  She was appointed a Fellow of the UK Radio Academy in 2017 and is a regular judge on a number of the UK’s broadcast award schemes.