Nicky Ness

Nicky Ness – Director of Broadcasting & Entertainment, BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service)

BFBS’s Nicky Ness was a consumer of the UK armed forces specialist broadcaster’s services for several years before she joined the organisation, so the mission to entertain, inform, connect and champion this community strongly resonates. 

With a multi-media degree, she started her BFBS broadcasting career as a radio reporter and then producer, daily sequence presenter, programme director and station manager.  Over the years Nicky has increased her portfolio of responsibilities within BFBS, leading television, cinemas and live events whilst also a member of the senior management team for two decades.

Now with more than 30 years’ experience, she leads a team of 120+ people to deliver content-rich services globally to the UK Armed Forces and a unique community of Nepali speaking Gurkhas. With a deep understanding of and passion for her audiences and the content that excites them, Nicky has also been behind numerous commissions and media partnerships to deliver new and innovative material across all mediums.

Nicky is a staunch advocate of transformation, encouraging content creators and curators to embrace new opportunities to connect with audiences across a range of approaches, platforms and technologies. 

She is a Fellow of the UK Radio Academy and a regular on judging panels for a variety of national and international broadcast and event award schemes.