Programmes from BBC, CNN, Phoenix Satellite TV, Sky, UN and VRT on People’s Choice Short List

“Best Coverage of Climate Change” award for the 2010 AIBs attracts high quality entries from around the world

CRANBROOK, UK 16 SEPTEMBER 2010 – The Association of International Broadcasting (AIB) has today announced the first short list for the 2010 AIBs (international media excellence awards). In the People’s Choice category, for “Best Coverage of Climate Change”, the selected entrants come from broadcasters in Belgium, China, UK and the USA as well as from the United Nations, making it a truly international selection.
Unlike the other categories at the AIBs, the People’s Choice, sponsored by ADB (Advanced Digital Broadcast), allows individuals to view the short list online, vote for their favourite and so decide the winner of the award.

The short listed entries are:
“Going Green – The Climate Summit” from CNN International. At the time of the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen CNN’s programme looked at a broad range of the major issues on the table – from the impact of the “Climategate” scandal to the effects of melting glaciers in Greenland and rising sea levels in Asia, from deforestation in Indonesia to efforts to combat pollution in countries as widely spread as Argentina, China, Sudan and the USA
“Low Impact Man” from VRT, the public broadcasting authority of the Flemish community in Belgium. This is a humorous but telling look at the struggles of one man to reduce his ecological footprint and the impact on his family and life
“Earth Rescue Operation” from Phoenix Satellite Television in Hong Kong, China. The programme examines the major problems of pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and increasing demand for resources, but looks optimistically at new technological solutions and man’s ingenuity in solving problems
“Hard Talk on the Road to Greenland” from the BBC. Hard Talk’s format of probing questioning of interviewees is set against the background of a country covered by rapidly melting ice. In the programme ministers from developed and developing countries are asked how differences can be overcome in order to agree inter-governmental action on climate change
“Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon” from Sky Television. The interviewer looks at how the production of two highly-valued commodities, cocaine and gold, is destroying and polluting the countryside in Peru, with farmers and workers struggling for existence, middlemen making vast profits and neither group caring about the long-term consequences
“21st Century” from the UN. This special programme in the series looks at striking evidence of how the glaciers of Bolivia are disappearing and the effect on water supplies to the cities, as well as the strains on food resources in Vietnam and the increasing problems of flooding in low lying areas of the world such as Jakarta

“We are delighted with the quality of entries in this the first year of the People’s Choice award” comments Simon Spanswick, CEO of the AIB. “It demonstrates how broadcasters are responding to the changing viewing environment and the need to engage viewers online and particularly via social media. The chosen topic, climate change, is one that generates fierce debate and great interest. Voting will collect the viewers’ direct feedback to climate change coverage by broadcasters in different parts of the world.”

The short list will be available to view on major online viewing platforms in the next two weeks as well as on the AIBs website ( The AIBs site will also have a page ( with 2 minute highlights from each short listed entry with buttons to register and vote. In addition the page will have links to allow voters to comment on the entries and share their views on major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Visitors to the AIBs website who register by Monday 20th September will be invited to a “Première” viewing – allowing them one day to view and vote for the short listed entries before general voting begins.
Because the quality of entries to the award was so high, the AIB is also making available to view four other entries that come from CNN International, Deutsche Welle, France24 and Voice of America. They are already available on the aiblondon channel of YouTube as well as embedded on the AIBs website.

The People’s Choice is one of 16 categories at the 2010 AIBs, the international media awards. Full details of the award categories, judging and information on the awards ceremony can be found on The 2010 AIBs are sponsored by: 1GOAL (“Education for All”), ADB (Advanced Digital Broadcast), Bloomberg Television and Eurosport. The 2010 AIBs will be presented at a gala evening in London on 9 November.
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