2009 AIBs – shortlist

From the hundreds of entries received from all over the world, the following were shortlisted for the 2009 AIBs:

Organisation Country Title
Artear (Telenoche – Channel 13) Argentina The Battle at the end of the world
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Australia Losing Erin
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Australia Pacific Break
VRT Belgium Villa Politica
VRT Belgium Verkiezingen 09/Elections 09
Radio Canada Canada Baby Boomers take on Mount Mera
Radio Canada Canada Sunday with Darwin
Cesky Rozhlas Czech Republic Mokrsko 2008
Czech Radio (Radio Prague) Czech Republic 90 Years of Czechoslovakia – A birthday walk through Prague
RFE /RL Czech Republic Afghan Service ‘Woman & Life Program’
RFE/RL Czech Republic Special coverage of the Azeri referendum
Arte France France Tibetan el Dorado
France 24 France 15 years after the genocide…
France 24 France France 24 – World pioneer on the phone
France 24 France Launch of extended broadcast on France 24 Arabic
France 24 France The Observers
Deutsche Welle Germany Environment – A Paradise under threat – deforestation
Deutsche Welle Germany Family affairs – How to become a political player
Deutsche Welle Germany On Skis to the North Pole
Deutsche Welle Germany Walled In – Germany’s inner border
Hessischer Rundfunk Germany The Child, the death and the truth
NDR Germany Mit 80,000 Fragen um Die Welt…
Ridel Communications GmbH & Co KG Germany Riedel MediorNet
Riedel Communications GmbH & Co KG Germany Riedel MediorNet
WDR Germany Tiananman
VTV Satellite Ghana Make me a success enterprise challenge
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong Around the World on the Olympic Trail: London 2012
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong Deconstructing Hong Kong File X
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong On China – Ching Cheong
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong On China – Wang Dam
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong Sichuan Special
Radio Television Hong Kong Hong Kong The History of Hong Kong – Hong Kong in 1911 Revolution
MTV Hungarian Television Hungary Holodomor – Famine in Ukraine
NDTV India 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attacks
NDTV India Barkha Dutt
NDTV India Chandrayaan
NDTV India Kosi Flood – The Forgotten Millions
NDTV India Yoda – Multi Production in a laptop
RTE Ireland Prime Time Investigates: Travellers on the edge
Luxe TV Luxembourg Lifestyle
Radio New Zealand New Zealand RNZI – Fiji Coverage
TVNZ – One News New Zealand One News
Voice of Nigeria Nigeria Environment Pollution in Lagos City
Voice of Nigeria Nigeria Kiddies voices: Africa fir for the card
TV 2 Norway Norway Gaza – Children at War
GEO Television Networks Pakistan Bonded Labor
GEO Television Networks Pakistan Water
Radio Romania Romania The Poisionous Water
Russia Today Russia Report from the Israel-Gaza border
Russia Today Russia Standoff
Dori Media International GmbH Switzerland Amanda O
Public Television Service Foundation Taiwan Bird without Borders
Radio Netherlands Worldwide The Netherlands The Face of Forgiveness
6 News Turkey 3G in the news
Pyramedia UAE The Nashwa Show
Pyramedia UAE The Prince of Poets
BBC UK Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles
BBC UK The lost voices of Tiananmen Square
BBC Afrique (French Service) UK Obama a tale of an unlikely victory
BBC NI UK Spotlight – Stem Cell Tourists
BBC Persian UK Taste of Iran
BBC Persian UK The Elections that shoots Iran
BBC Persian UK TV Stories that connect lives
BBC Radio Current Affairs UK Crossing Conitents: Israel
BBC World News UK BBC India Election Train
BBC World News UK BBC Indian Election Train
BBC World News UK BBC World News – Zeinab Badawi
BBC World News UK Korea: out of the North
BBC World Service UK Business Daily – Steve Evans in Youngstown
BBC World Service UK The Trouble with Money
BBC World Service Trust UK Condom Condom
Belsat TV, Telewizja Polska UK The master….
Bloomberg Television UK Credit Quake: Europe on Edge Parts 1 & 2
Bloomberg Television UK Credit Quake: Europe on Edge Parts 1 & 2
Bloomberg Television UK Francine Lacqua
Channel 4 UK Dispatches: Orphans of Burmas Cyclone
Channel 4 UK Dispatches: Pakistans Taliban Generation
Channel 4 UK E4
Channel 4 UK Skins Messenger
FEBA Radio UK Chrysolite MK5 – Studio in a suitcase
Rockhopper TV UK Love in a time of HIV – I love NY
Ruth Evans Productions UK The Greening of the Deserts
Ruth Evans Productions UK The New Scramble for Africa
Tinderbox Productions UK Children of God
Tinderbox Productions UK Krytian Bala: When fact and fiction collide
Tinderbox Productions UK The Counterfeiters Tale
Middle East Broadcasting Networks USA Today Darfur
Radio Free Asia USA Cancer Village – Huai River
Radio Free Asia USA Crime without Punishment
Radio Free Asia USA RFA Multimedia – 20 Years After Tiananmen
United Nations USA The Central African Republic: The Forgotten Crisis
Voice of America USA Heroin in the U.S. (Part 1)
Voice of America USA Palestinians/Ramadan Ends
Voice of America USA Radio Marti Hurricanes
Voice of America USA Sri Lanka – War ends

The categories

Best radio current affairs documentary
Best radio investigative documentary
Best radio coverage of a single news event
Best radio creative feature
Most creative radio feature
Best TV current affairs documentary
Best TV investigative documentary
Best TV historical documentary
Best TV coverage of a single news event
Best TV creative feature
Most creative TV feature

Best mobile or cross-media production
International TV personality of the Year
Most creative marketing strategy
Most innovative technology

The shortlist is available for download in pdf format at AIBs_2009_shortlist