Rajen Garabadu

Chief Executive Producer


Rajen Garabadu is an internationally award-winning producer with 28 years of experience in video production and creative communication.

As the creative head of India’s largest news network, Rajen Garabadu has steered over two dozen TV news channel launches, rebranding, and refresh projects.

Having begun his career as a Correspondent, Rajen’s love for what he calls the 3Ps – packaging, presentation, and promotion – led him to switch to the role of a Producer & Director. Ever since, he has produced thousands of hours of content and mentored hundreds of professionals in creative and operational roles.

Rajen is on the jury of Asian Academy Creative Awards, the Association for International Broadcasting Awards (AIBs), Asian Television Awards, Promax Asia, to name a few.

An avid quizzer in earlier years and a passionate writer in recent years, Rajen’s weekend newsletter on LinkedIn is extensively followed, where Rajen shares nuggets from his lived experiences. He also publishes his opinion on news18.com and blogs on rajenreflects.com