Sarah Sultoon is Senior Director of Coverage for Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in CNN’s London bureau.Sarah-Sultoon

Since her appointment to this position Sultoon has led CNN’s coverage on a range of major news events including the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 and the 2015 UK general election.

Sultoon joined CNN in 2002, cutting her teeth as a Producer and then Assignment Editor in London where she notably coordinated coverage around the July 7 London bombings. Moving to CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta she was assigned to the international desk and also undertook frequent field production duties, working with Anderson Cooper in Israel and the UK.

She then worked as a Field Producer alongside veteran CNN correspondent Nic Robertson on a range of breaking news stories in some of the most challenging newsgathering environments around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, and Chad.

Returning to London, Sultoon managed the team which conceived and produced CNN’s first primetime business show Quest Means Business, before being assigned to the news desk as supervising editor. Here she was responsible for the daily assignment of newsgathering resources in Europe and Africa.

Following this Sultoon served as Executive Producer and Editor for CNN International’s business news output, directing the network’s four hours of global business programmes from Hong Kong, London and New York and executing the successful launch of regular emerging markets report Global Exchange.


Prior to her appointment the position of Director of Coverage, Sultoon was Executive Producer for CNN’s flagship global affairs and interview programme Amanpour, overseeing the transfer of the show from New York to London and delivering major exclusive interviews with world leaders including French president Francois Hollande and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.


Sultoon studied for a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree at the University of Birmingham. She speaks Spanish and French and lives in London.