Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes, President, IntermediaMark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes has been president of InterMedia since its inception in 1996. As president, he directed the establishment of the first independent research operation in support of international broadcasting. Mark has 30 years of experience in international media and audience research, focused on international media and strategic communication with audiences in challenging areas – some 60 countries annually. Most recently he oversaw the launch of “AudienceScapes”, an online resource and integrated research program to help organizations better understand how people gather, share and use information, from word-of-mouth to new and emerging technologies. During his career, Mark has handled all aspects of the research process from research design to the analysis and presentation of findings. He has overseen the development of InterMedia to its current worldwide capabilities serving a wide variety of clients while continuing to offer signature staff expertise in both area and research methodologies. Mark earned a PhD in comparative politics from Michigan State University.

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