The AIBs 2017

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The AIBs 2018 were hosted by Mark Barton,  and attended by guests from over 20 countries.

The AIBs 2019 are open for entry, with the awards event taking place in London on 6 November. 





Congratulations to all the winners at the AIBs on the 1st November 2017.

The Association for International Broadcasting revealed the winners of its 2017 awards at a gala evening in London on 1 November, hosted by Matthew Amroliwala, presenter of Global on BBC World News. (pictured)

2017 has been a record year  for this competition that rewards the best factual productions across video, audio and online. The AIBs are truly international, with work submitted from every continent, and winners from  North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

More than 200 people joined the awards night on 1 November, travelling from New Zealand, Australia, North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and across Europe to celebrate inspiring creativity in factual programming.

See the Winners and Finalists book online here.


BBC Arabic/BBC Our World - Starving Yemen - Winner of the AIB Impact Award

CNN - The Battle for Mosul Begins - Winner in the Breaking news video category

ITV News - Fighting Famine - Winner in the Continuing news coverage video category

ITV News - The Opioid Crisis Ravaging America - Winner in the News feature video category

Al Jazeera English - 101 East - Duterte: A President's Report Card winner in the Politics and business video category

Media Stockade - The Surgery Ship - Winner in the Human interest video category

Channel 4 - Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad - Winner in the Investigative video category

Fusion - The Traffickers - Winner in the International affairs video category

BBC Sport - The FA Cup Final - Winner in the Sport video category

Snappin' Turtle Productions - Can a Robot Replace Ed Sheeran? - Winner in the Children's and youth video category

Mihai Gâdea - Antena 3 - Winner in the Presenter of the year video category

DW Deutsche Welle - Living Planet - The Road to Renewables - Winner in the Continuing news coverage audio category

Al Jazeera English - A Voyage to Antarctica - Winner in the Interactive category

BBC Radio Current Affairs for BBC World Service Assignment and Crossing Continents BBC Radio 4 - Stealing Innocence in Malawi - Winner in the Investigative audio category

BBC Radio Bristol for BBC World Service - The Story of the Bamboo Club - Winner in the Human interest audio category

Radio Taiwan International - Rainbows in the Sunlight - Lesbians' Children in Taiwan - Winner in the News feature audio category

John Campbell - Radio New Zealand - Winner in the Presenter of the year audio category (collected by Paul Thompson of RNZ)


The AIBs 2017 were presented by Matthew Amroliwala of Global, the flagship programme on BBC World News, broadcast Monday to Thursday from 1500 to 1630 GMT.

He joined the BBC’s international news channel in September 2014 from the UK service, where he had been the lead presenter for over a decade.

Matthew joined the BBC in 1989. Before he started anchoring news coverage in the studio, he worked in the field as a foreign correspondent, a political correspondent and as a news reporter.

He has covered many of the major news stories in the last two decades both at home and abroad. As a presenter he broadcast continuously for six hours on the day of the 7/7 bombings in London; while as a foreign correspondent he has reported from Bosnia, New York and Washington.

Matthew has also been at the forefront of the BBC’s UK political coverage on the News Channel, having presented all the major set piece events of the Westminster political calendar such as the Budget and the Queen’s Speech.

He was nominated by the Television and Radio Industry Club as Reporter of the Year in 1993 for his reporting on the Troubles in Northern Ireland and went on to cover the IRA ceasefire in 1997 and the Good Friday Agreement.

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