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Winners of the AIBs 2023


Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – The War in Ukraine – BBC News

“..typically powerful and comprehensive, featuring some of the most memorable reporting following the invasion.”

Highly commended – Afghanistan After the Taliban – BBC News

The judges were impressed by the outcome of this hugely challenging assignment.



Winner 2023

Winner – Fault Lines – Bloodsport – Al Jazeera English

 “..the production is able to maintain a degree of objectivity in emotionally powerful circumstances that completely take the viewer in.”


Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Partygate: The Inside Story – ITV News

“Dazzling, enthralling, editorially strong, makes maximum use of the podcast format…”

Highly commended – The Death & Funeral of HM The Queen – BBC News Content for BBC News

“..‘pictures on the radio’, with impeccable scripting and delivery”





Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Michael Palin: Into Iraq – ITN Productions for Channel 5

“..the impressive camera work and Michael Palin’s story-telling skills which carried the series.”

Highly commended – The East End Through Time with Jay Blades – Hungry Jay Media for Channel 5

“..The entertaining and educational mix that makes the historical topic sparkle.”

Highly commended – Spike Milligan: The Unseen Archive – Yeti Television

“..a visually beautiful piece that uses imaginative devices and gave deep insight.”


Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Hell on Earth: Darien Gap – The Deadly Migrant Route – ITN Productions for Channel 4 News

“..utterly compelling and courageous eyewitness report that stays with the viewer long afterwards.”

Highly commended – We CRASHED a BMW S1000 RR Superbike while filming with LEGEND Troy Corser – Deutsche Welle – DW

“..entertaining, well-balanced piece that explores deeper issues.”

Highly commended – Eco-Warriors of Africa – VOA

“..innovative, refreshing, great production values and important content”.



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Shock and War: Iraq 20 Years On – BBC Long Form Audio

“..consistent high quality sound and excellent use of effects to build a dramatic soundscape.”

Highly commended – First Eat with Nakkiah Lui – Pipi Films for Audible Australia

“Powerfully written and presented, with an image-conjuring soundtrack..”

Highly commended – Finding Samantha – RTÉ

“..compelling detailed and descriptive narrative style.”



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Eternal Spring (長春) – Lofty Sky Entertainment

“..mixing animation and footage may even be the way forward to instruct younger generations about historical events.”

Highly commended – Murder in the Pacific An Oxford Scientific Films production for BBC

“Pure cinema’, commented the judges – ‘kept me on the edge of my seat”.




Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – The Monkey Haters – BBC Eye/BBC World Service

“.. a chilling and eye-opening documentary that sheds light on the disturbing link between the dark corners of the internet and mainstream sites like YouTube and Telegram”

Highly commended – Wayne Couzens: Killer in Plain Sight – Flicker Productions for Channel 5

“Brilliant investigative work, powerful and unflinching.”



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – The Shamima Begum Story – BBC News Long Form Audio

“…beautifully crafted script, location recordings and creative sound design.”

Highly commended – The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome – Project Brazen/Goat Rodeo

“..great opening, subtle use of music and lightness of touch.”



Winner 2023

Clive Myrie 

 “..versatile, calm, clear and personable that makes Clive Myrie special.”


Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Love, Janessa – BBC World Service and CBC Podcasts by Antica Productions and Telltale Industries

“..a compelling journey: gripping, addictive, great pace, superb writing, first class presentation.”

Highly commended – This Coal Life – Radio Workshop NPC

“..story telling, soundscapes and strong contributors”



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Lyra – Erica Starling Productions for Channel 4

“This gritty and raw documentary was a clear winner for the judges – excellent in every way.”

Highly commended – Nazanin – 649 Media for Channel 4

“..excellent and fully engaging.”

Highly commended – Murder in Mayfair – BBC Arabic, BBC Current Affairs

“..superbly made with clear timelines and effective use of visual devices.”






Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Under Poisoned Skies – BBC News Arabic

“ married strong story craft with a compelling mix of sources.”

Highly commended – TechXplore Japan – Electric Eel Studios for BBC World Service

“Slick presentation and a strong graphics package made the subject come to life.”

Highly commended – We Can Do Hard Things – Very! for CNA, Mediacorp Pte Ltd

“..engaging mix of science and personalities and commented on the strong macro photography”



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Ningaloo Nyinggulu – Artemis Media in Association with Matter of Factual for ABC and Love Nature

“..poetic, hopeful and also light-hearted and funny at moments.”

Highly commended – 101 East – Mining the Pacific – Al Jazeera English

“Well-researched and presented.”

Highly commended – Australia’s Wild Odyssey – Wild Pacific Media for Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Arte France

“Beautifully shot, said the judges, delicate storytelling and great flow of music.”



Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – India: The Modi Question – BBC Current Affairs

“It married superbly archive material with context, and the narrative, direction, editing and powerful interviews.”

Highly commended – The Labour Files – Al Jazeera – I Unit

“Gripping from start to finish, said the judges – the listener is totally engaged and ready for more.”

Highly commended – Sudan and the Long Reach of Russia’s Ukraine War – CNN Worldwide

“Strong journalism, commented the judges, with deep emotional impact on the viewer”



Winner 2023

Winner – Before-After: Anna Lindh 2003 – Swedish Radio Drama

 “The rich sound design and natural feel of dialogue created an ambience as if we were ‘watching through our ears.”



Winner 2023

The Confession – ITN Productions for Amazon Prime Video

 “This is the epitome of an excellent docudrama, said one of the judges. The arc of the film is riveting, a seamless production.”


Winner and highly commended 2023

Panorama: Mariupol – The People’s Story – Top Hat Productions/Hayloft Productions

“..who lauded the documentary’s unique perspective, its remarkable picture research and the brave and successful move to do without a presenter.”

The Trek: A Migrant Trail to America – CNN Worldwide

“An almost flawless, memorable treatment of a story we are generally aware of, but rarely see.”

Our World – I Call Him by His Name – International Current Affairs, BBC

“..powerful account of love in the face of destruction, beautifully scripted and filmed.”





Winner and highly commended 2023

Winner – Saudi Arabia Wields Cinema as a Tool of Soft Power – France 24 and Nicolas Bertrand

“..outstanding with its compelling storytelling and artistic style that is both engaging and visually captivating.”

Highly commended – Kenya – Fighting for Water | Off The Grid – TRT World

“..piece excels visually and manages to transport the viewer into the heart of the crisis.”


Winner 2023

Nicky Woolf 

 “Nicky’s voice, calling it interesting, intense, hypnotic, easy to listen to with brilliant articulation”

Host of the AIBs 2023

Simon McCoy

With a career in journalism that’s spanning 40 years Simon McCoy is one of the most recognisable faces in British television news.  Simon started in television at ITV in London before moving to TV-am.  He was part of the launch team of Sky News in 1989 before spending 15 years at the station, firstly as Royal Correspondent and then as one of their main presenters.  His move to the BBC meant working on BBC1’s ‘Breakfast’ and on the BBC News Channel.  He was a regular presenter of BBC1’s weekend bulletins before becoming the main presenter of the BBC News at One. In 2021 Simon McCoy left the BBC to join GB News.

As well as breaking news Simon is also noted for making news, often going viral for his sometimes dead-pan delivery – whether outside a hospital waiting for a Royal Baby or trying to hide his indifference to less important news stories in the studio.

Simon now works as a production consultant – most recently for Washington-based Feature Story News as part of their training project at Doordarshan News Channel in Delhi.

AIBs 2023 Event Partner

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