Tinku Ray

Tinku Ray is Managing Editor of The World – a co-production of GBH in Boston and PRX. It’s available on nearly 400 stations across the US + Canada.

She joined the show after working as an assistant managing editor, for nearly four years, at NPR+WBUR’s Here and Now program.

Tinku is no stranger to The World as she was part of the original team that launched the program back in 1996 as a producer in London with the BBC, before becoming the South Asia correspondent based in Delhi for five years.

With over 30 years of experience, Tinku started her career at the BBC in London, working her way up from a researcher to dabbling in every role in broadcast journalism — producer, reporter, editor, and host. She’s also worked on other public media shows such as Day to Day and Marketplace.

She has a deep passion for radio but has also worked in TV and digital.

Tinku was born in India and then moved to England with her parents when she was 2 years old and spent most of her childhood in the UK.

Most of her spare time is taken up by her two daughters and two cats. But she loves to travel, read, and go on long walks.