The AIBs 2022 returned to a live event, at Church House Westminster.

Our host for the evening was Rana Rahimpour – BBC Persian

We would like to thank our 2022 Event Partner

The winners of the AIBs 2022


Breaking News TV/VIDEO





Continuing News Coverage TV/VIDEO


ITV News Partygate coverage



News Coverage RADIO/AUDIO

BBC Long Form Audio for BBC Sounds

Ukrainecast – 100 Days


Specialist Factual TV/VIDEO

Al Jazeera I Unit

Al Jazeera Investigations: The Truth Illusion


International Affairs TV/VIDEO

Zandland Films for

Channel 4

The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon


Factual Podcast

Whistledown Productions

for Audible

Deepest Dive: The Search for MH 370


Historical            TV/VIDEO

OR Media

The Iran-Iraq War: A Tragedy That Changed History


Human Interest RADIO/AUDIO


Documentary on One: Felix-Life and Limb


Human Interest      TV/VIDEO

Flicker Productions for ITV

Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek


Domestic Affairs TV/VIDEO

ITN for ITV News & Current Affairs

Surviving Squalor: Britain’s Housing Shame


Investigative Documentary TV/VIDEO

Flicker Productions for Channel 4

Hunting the Football Trolls – Jermaine Jenas


Specialist Factual RADIO/AUDIO




Short Feature TV/VIDEO

Bloomberg News

The Pay Check – Kenya: The Lost Girls


Sports Journalism        TV and VIDEO

Al Jazeera I Unit

Al Jazeera Investigations: The Men Who Sell Football


Investigative Documentary RADIO/AUDIO

A Tortoise Studio Production for Audible Originals

Finding Q: My Journey into QAnon


Natural World TV/VIDEO

NHK/ARTE France/NHK Enterprises

SATOYAMA – Niigata: Living with Snow


Science and Technology     TV/VIDEO

Wondrium and Blue Chalk Media

Solving for Zero


Streaming Documentary

WildBear Entertainment & Chrysaor Productions

Hating Peter Tatchell


Politics and Business TV/VIDEO


ITV News – Partygate coverage

Highly commended

Continuing News Coverage TV/VIDEO 

AFP – A War From All Angles: AFPTV Coverage in Ukraine

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  – Russia’s War on Ukraine

Specialist Factual TV/VIDEO

Nutopia, Protozoa, Westbrook and National Geographic – Welcome to Earth

Storyteller Films for CNA, Mediacorp Pte Ltd – A League of Extraordinary Makers

International Affairs Documentary TV/VIDEO

Evan Williams Productions for Channel 4 – China: The Search for the Missing

VRT – Syria, The Toxic War

Factual Podcast

BBC Long Form Audio – The Coming Storm

Historical TV/VIDEO

Viacom CBS – Channel 5 – 1000 Years a Slave

Yeti Television for Channel 4 – Edward VIII: Britain’s Traitor King

Human Interest – RADIO/AUDIO

Tortoise Media – Sweet Bobby

Human Interest TV/VIDEO 

Just Another Production for CNA, Mediacorp Pte Ltd – Never Out of Reach










Domestic Affairs Documentary TV/VIDEO 

Finestripe Productions for Channel 4 – Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause

Artlab Films for Channel 5 – Warship: Life at Sea

Investigative Documentary TV/VIDEO

BBC Africa Eye – Black Axe

RTÉ Investigates – The Accountant, the Con, the Lies

Specialist Factual RADIO/AUDIO

Lepus and Sparklab – Love, Spit and Valve Oil

Loftus Media for BBC Radio 4 – Fungi: The New Frontier

Short Feature TV/VIDEO

Al Jazeera Digital – Start Here: NATO’s Eastern Front

Channel 5 News | ITN – Child to Parent Abuse

Investigative Documentary RADIO/AUDIO

BBC World Service – The Documentary: Who Killed My Grandfather?

Natural World TV/VIDEO

Voice of America News – Weathering the Storm

Melt Studios for Al Jazeera English – Witness: Capturing Change

Science and Technology TV/VIDEO

Flicker Productions for BBC One – Ellie Simmonds: A World Witout Dwarfism?

Streaming Documentary

WHYNOT – Caught in the Crossfire

Passion Pictures – Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story

Politics and Business TV/VIDEO 

Al Jazeera English in partnership with Reveal from the Centre for Investigative Reporting – Fault Lines: Unrelinquished

CNA, Mediacorp Pte Ltd – In Bad Faith


AIBs 2022 presenter Rana Rahimpour – BBC Persian


Rana Rahimpour is an Iranian-British journalist who has lived in exile in Britain since 2008. She joined BBC News Persian as a reporter and has covered stories from Iran in both English and Persian.  From the violent suppression of Iran’s Green movement in 2009 by the authorities to Iran’s nuclear talks and from the devastating effect of Covid to the recent nationwide unrest across the country, Rahimpour has been one of the main faces covering Iran for the BBC. She is currently one of BBC Persian’s lead presenters, and anchors 60 Minutes, one of the most viewed Persian current affairs programmes in the world. She has also campaigned against the persecution of her colleagues by the Iranian authorities and addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to call for an end to the harassment.