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Indore is a city with a population of around two million,

located mid-way between Mumbai and New Delhi. The

city is famous for the Rajwada Palace and the Lal Baag

Palace that date back to the 19th century Holdar dynasty.

Today, the city is a vibrant modern metropolis that also

has a growing number of radio stations. MYFM 94.3 is

one of the city’s stations and that’s where

Viny Agrawal

– better known to her audience as RJ Viny – works.

Viny started her radio career at the age of 22 after being

selected during an audition process from hundreds of

applicants. She started to host a night time show in

Jabalpur, moving to MYFM 94.3 in 2011 as the host and

producer of the breakfast show.

She’s a popular figure and is often seen out and about

across Indore, hosting outside broadcasts for the station.

Her engaging personality means that local celebrities are

keen to appear on her shows, as are leading politicians

and government officials who want to be heard on some

of Indore’s most popular radio programmes.

Viny’s passions – apart from music – are her family and

friends, and Hindi movies. Then there’s travel. Viny’s

dream is to travel to far off, unusual destinations and to

have interesting conversations with total strangers even

without knowing their language!

Our judges praised Viny’s clear and incisive presentation

on MYFM 94.3, and her ability to engage her audience

on a wide range of subjects – something that’s

more common with talk radio presenters, not music

presenters. Her enthusiasm for radio shines through and

she has an innate ability to connect with her guests, as

well as to relate to her audience.

Viny Agrawal