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The AIBs



A murder mystery more than 5,000

years old was investigated in


Iceman Reborn



. This

beautifully made programme had a

strong narrative, said our judges, with

the balanced use of reconstruction

and animation adding to the overall

success of the production. It was

accessible, engaging, educational and

entertaining, and drew the viewer

in as the Iceman was transformed

into a real person whose story you

really wanted to learn more about.

Combining modern technology

with ancient historical data, the

programme wove side stories and

facts into the central story.

TERN International

Secrets of the Brain

This was a remarkable exploration of one aspect

of the most complex of organs – the brain’s ability

to remember. The production combined science

with engaging stories around the way our memory

develops and works, uncovering the extraordinary

capacity of the brain that we are only beginning to


Highly commended


Checker Tobi

undertook the challenge

of explaining the migrant crisis to

its young audience, asking why

so many people want to travel to

Europe to start new lives. Our judges


Bayerischer Rundfunk


megaherz film und fernsehen


tackling this complex, multi-layered

issue sensitively. The programme

reported from refugee camps in the

Middle East to explain about the lives

of children who have had to flee their

homes, and supported Germany’s

investment in educating the country’s

children about the need for tolerance

towards refugees.

The Mediae Company

Know Zone

Produced in Kenya, Know Zone is designed to

raise the educational standards of young Kenyans.

The judges commended the way the programme

interweaves education with adventure, injecting fun

and humour along the way. It’s great to see proper

grammar being taught in a lively environment that

children will want to play along with at home.

Highly commended


Bayerischer Rundfunk