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The AIBs


Hand crafted award-winning wines from the

North Downs, Charing, Kent

Proud to be served at the AIB Awards 2016


Children on the Frontline: The



ITN Productions in

association with ZDF and WGBH


the UK’s

Channel 4

created indelible

memories in the minds of our judges.

It showed the horror of childhood

in the midst of the bombardment of

Syria, where make-believe games

involving Daesh and beheadings are

routine for kids. The film successfully

allowed the audience to understand

the children’s fear of leaving their

home whilst looking forward to

escaping the devastation they have

experienced for many years. The first

rate craft skills added to the impact of

the production.

Channel 4


Kaos Hatti – Kos Island

This is a unique story about Syrian refugees where

the reporter put her own life in jeopardy to show

us what it really feels like to try and get safely to

Europe across the treacherous Mediterranean. With

added insight into the way smugglers operate, the

story is intimate and gripping.


We Love Gaza

The judges praised this warm film that offered

viewers a new angle on one of the Middle East’s

troubled areas. It was an infectious production about

human spirit and community. The camera work is

dazzling and the teenagers seeking thrills amidst the

ruins of their home towns are allowed to speak for

themselves. Beautifully done, agreed the judges.

Highly commended