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The AIBs



Our judges praised the work of the



team for

Vicky’s Story


This heart-breaking story occurred in

South Africa, yet reflects a universal

problem. This was a moving but

important story to tell, portraying the

ultimate family betrayal in a country

where domestic violence is sadly

routine and rarely newsworthy. The

team’s ability to gain the trust of

Vicky’s children to get them to tell

their side of the story was powerful

– and all achieved in a very short


BBC World Service


Spectacular cinematography and great editing

helped tell this captivating and uplifting story with

an engaging central character who isn’t afraid to tell

her own story. It is an empowering tale for young

women, whatever their background.

The Guardian

Right to Fight

This programme successfully raised the issues

surrounding the disabled, showing the choice

that each has in life. Its first person accounts are

impactful while retaining balance in the presentation

of a complex and moving story.

Highly commended

ITV News

Our judges told us that they could

not stop watching

It Ends with



Danish Broadcasting


. The production was

masterful in its creative story-

telling, as it recounted the human

drama behind a range of murders in

Denmark over the past decade or

so. Although viewers know that the

stories all end with the ultimate crime,

the feat of holding the attention and

building the suspense without the aid

of a rich archive put this series into

a class of its own. It was compelling

story-telling that created tension, with

remarkable interviews interwoven

throughout the narrative. A deserving


Africa 24 and Camerapix

The Sound Man

An evocative and poignant biography of an unsung

hero who has helped the world understand some of

the most challenging and difficult stories to emerge

from Africa over the last 35 years. Filmmaker and

photojournalist Chip Duncan created a searing,

poignant portrait of a gentle, brave man who has

risked his life to tell us the truth.

The Special Needs Hotel

Lambent Productions

A well-crafted production that our judges said

had “real heart”. This provided an insightful and

empathetic insight into the lives of those with special

needs, together with their parents and carers. The

audience felt involved, rooting for the success of the

students in their lives.

Highly commended


Danish Broadcasting Corporation