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The AIBs




Brussels Divided: Molenbeek after

the Terrorist Attacks


The Guardian

has successfully helped its audience

understand the feelings of Belgium’s

youth as divisions between Muslims

and non-Muslims grew ever greater.

The judges said that the programme

offered a compelling connection with

the youth of a badly affected area

of Belgium, together with excellent

investigative work to get to the

heart of the story. The programme

benefited from intimate production

that thoroughly involved the viewer;

indeed, it almost felt like a mini-

documentary, our judges suggested.

The Guardian


Syria: Witness to an Airstrike

Competent, sequential story-telling marked this

piece out from the competition, showing the

stark reality of airstrikes on the civilian population

of war-ravaged Syria. The footage was at times

shocking, but it was skilfully edited and the reporting

measured, despite the risks and trauma.

VTM News

Train of Hope

This well-structured piece of journalism captured the

emotion of the moment from the perspective of the

refugees as the next stage of their journey across

eastern Europe suddenly becomes a reality. Great

journalism and an interesting story arc, the judges


Highly commended


“A fantastic investigation” is how our

judges summed up

ISIS: The British

Women Supporters Unveiled


the UK’s

Channel 4

. The programme

hit the mark in terms of risk taking

through incredible undercover

investigative journalism where the

reporter who went underground put

herself at real risk. The documentary

on how European Muslims are being

lured to Syria was fascinating and

compelling with highly creative use of

graphics and archive footage. What

also became clear to the audience is

that on the whole terrorism legislation

has failed in stopping the progress of

so-called ISIS on the streets of major

cities across western Europe. The

programme deconstructed the story

and kept the audience glued to their


Channel 4

Al Jazeera English

101 East: Murder in Malaysia

A thoroughly well-prepared investigation that

manages in just 26 minutes to tell the story of a

blood-chilling murder and explore the inner workings

of modern Malaysia and its government. The

documentary uncovered a tragedy of Shakespearian

proportions, said one judge, while making the story

accessible to viewers internationally.

BBC Northern Ireland

Spotlight: Selling Northern Ireland

This was a comprehensive investigation into a

political and social scandal that was as compelling

for viewers with no knowledge of the subject as

it was for local audiences. There was great use of

secret filming to help the natural flow of the story as

it uncovered business malpractice where the public

are the losers.

Highly commended