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The AIBs



Our winner from a wide range

of remarkable current affairs

documentaries is

My Son the


from the UK’s

True Vision


. This was, said our

judges, an astonishing personal story

of a mother trying to come to terms

with her son becoming a Jihadist.

Describing this as a raw documentary

with real feeling, the programme

was also well paced and thoroughly

engaging. The viewer was drawn

in to the intimacy of the story, with

the mother battling to understand

what caused her son’s radicalisation

at a time of deep despair and




This programme tackled a taboo subject with

intelligence. It shocked through open and extremely

frank interviews with many of London’s gay

community. Judges praised the access the producers

gained and the trust they clearly gained among the

subjects of the programme. “Shocking”, “confusing”

and “brave” were adjectives used repeatedly by the



My Jihad

This documentary offered an excellent and

compelling insight into the lives of young Muslims

in Belgium. This important film had a strong human

touch, with great access allowing the subjects to

express just how marginalised they feel.

Highly commended

True Vision Productions


ISIS: Young, British and Radicalised


Snappin’ Turtle Productions

for BBC Radio 1 offered a thought-

provoking portrayal of the rise

of radicalisation in the UK. The

programme had a range of credible

sources interviewed in a well-paced,

well-structured and energetic

production. It got to the root cause

of the dissatisfaction that many

young Muslims feel, and why they are

attracted to the radical ideology that’s

becoming all too pervasive in liberal

Western societies. This programme is

important and demonstrates public

service broadcasting at its best, said

our judges.

WNYC and Public Radio International

Alvin Hall Goes Back to School

This was an important tale about the struggle

for racial justice, said our judges, recounted in a

genuinely personal and emotional story. It made

great use of sound to create the right atmosphere

and Alvin’s character came across as he struggled

to come to terms with the challenge of returning to

his past.

Radio Mitre

Corruption K: Cristina in the Dock

This tackled the complex issues surrounding the case

of probable presidential wrong-doing in Argentina

– a country where investigators into high profile

cases risk their lives. The programme helped Radio

Mitre’s audience understand the allegations and the

potential effect on the country.

Highly commended

Snappin’ Turtle Productions