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The AIBs



Channel 4

is the free-to-air home of

Formula 1

in the UK, and



produces the coverage. Our

judges said that the passion of the

presenters, and the extensive team

behind the scenes, translated to a

great experience for the viewer. The

production values were of the highest

standard, with superb pre-race scene-

setting in Barcelona using beautiful

camerawork and editing. The pit lane

build-up was fluid with tremendous

expertise gathered to dissect the

qualifying heats, and to examine the

challenges that the drivers face on the

Barcelona circuit. A great way for live

sport to be handled, commented the


ITV Sport

Rugby World Cup Final

Our judges said that coverage of the Rugby World

Cup Final demonstrated high production values,

with great use of archive material in the build-up to

draw spectators in to the high profile match. There

was outstanding team work in evidence and one

judge commented that this was the first time he had

enjoyed a game of rugby!

Highly commended

Whisper Films


The Battle of Britain at 75 caught our

judges’ attention as a truly creative

production for the




. As

the UK marked the 75th anniversary

of the war in the skies,

TBI Media with

Snappin’ Turtle Productions


a remarkable and audaciously large

scale programme that appeared

not only on BBC Radio 2, but on

the television through the “red

button” service and in cinemas up

and down the country. “Stunning,

compelling, dramatic and evocative”

our judges said, delivered through

great story-telling, extraordinarily

diverse live locations and a wide

range of presenters and actors. This

is a production that appealed to all

ages, with its fabulous soundtrack and

senses both of excitement and horror

as the battle was recounted for a

modern-day audience.


Growing Up Without a Dad

The judges complimented this production for BBC

Radio 1 that helped its youth audience understand

that not having a father present as you’re growing

up does not mean that there’s no hope. Taking role

models such as

and Barack Obama as

examples, the programme threaded great narrative

through music tracks.

Highly commended

TBI Media with Snappin’ Turtle Productions