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Documentary on One: The

Case that Never Was, RTÉ’s

Frank Shouldice and Liam O’Brien

uncovered the remarkable and

shocking story of a major European

Court of Justice law case launched

in the name of someone who had

never instigated any type of action.

This well researched investigation

travelled from Ireland to Poland

to Cyprus and on to the European

Court in Luxembourg to uncover

the allegedly shady dealings of an

Irish-based but Cyprus-registered,

recruitment company in trying to

avoid social security payments. The

RTÉ team’s investigation resulted

in the stopping of a court case that

would have helped reshape important

EU law on social insurance for millions

of migrant workers around Europe to

their detriment.

BBC Arabic

The Unfinished Story of Fighting FGM in Egypt

Our judges commended this production as one

of the best presentations of the complex issues

surrounding FGM that they had heard. It tackled an

important and challenging subject, gaining the trust

of people whose lives have been subjected to the

horrors of FGM.


File on 4: Tennis – Game, Set and Fix?

A first-rate investigation into one of the many

scandals surrounding sport in contemporary society.

This was well researched and well written and left

our judges wanting to know more about the likely

match fixing occurring at the top of international

tennis. The judges also commented on the great

craft skills that the programme exhibited.

Highly commended

RTÉ Radio 1


The winner of our online factual

category developed a virtual reality

experience of something that

one of our judges described as a

“national disgrace”.

6x9: A Virtual

Experience of Solitary Confinement

was produced by

The Guardian


a bold and extensively documented

exposure of a practice that is

little talked about in society. The

judges commented positively on

the production’s successful efforts

to simulate the experience of total

isolation for its online audience.

The use of the profiles and voices

of inmates who have suffered from

solitary incarceration in the US penal

system lends journalistic integrity and

power to the experience.

BBC News

China’s Science Revolution

The judges praised the ambitious scale of this

survey of China’s scientific rise that harnessed every

multimedia tool at their disposal. Pictures and text,

audio and video were well presented in this factual

examination of the remarkable strides that the

People’s Republic is making in the area of science.

On Our Radar in partnership with New


Back in Touch

The judges described this as “fascinating” and

“comprehensive”, “intricate and “integrated”. Told

by citizen journalists in Sierra Leone, Back in Touch

explored individual experiences in the country’s

post-Ebola era. The stories told were touching,

exploring how sometimes a crisis may become a

blessing. The format was innovative, with the great

use of ambient sound complementing the close-up,

unvarnished stories.

Highly commended

The Guardian